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Rodents proofing :

Rodents its a common thing specially in Attic and Crawl space , rodents use the attic like their own house , they walk around and make noises , ruin the old insulation , eat and make holes in the air ducts and even cut some electrical wires , on the top of that , they bring a lot of DESIST and odder , most of it leak inside the house through small gaps between pipes and recess lights , to prevent and keep the house clean and healthy we recommend on Rodents proofing treatment to your attic , we first of all remove the old insulation that collect a lot of drooping , odder and bacterias , after we make sure the attic has been sanitize and we made all the odder and the bacteria go away , we inspect and walkthrough all the vents , holes and gaps , block them with a wire mesh and for better improvement we seal them with special foam that design to block rodents from come in, after the treatment we put Rodent Traps in a case that some of the rats hide between the walls, after 2 weeks we coming back for Rodents inspection to make sure nothing been catch in the traps, and your old “roommate “ left the house .

Remember even if it was a rats and the noises stop , he still left a drooping and probably cause damage to the Air Ducts or the electrical wires, small rat can create a big damage , don’t take the time , keep your house healthy and without unwanted roommates in the attic.






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